Why create a website that focuses on underrepresented people in Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy?
Because there are a lot of myths out there, such as:

  • People don’t buy SF&F stories about Black people, Hispanic people, Asian people, the disabled, etc..
  • White writers don’t know how to write Asian characters, black characters, etc..
  • Minorities don’t read science fiction, speculative fiction, or fantasy.

As mentioned, these are myths. These are stereotypes. These are not truths, and people should always be aware of the truth.

How do books, novellas, graphic novels, etc. qualify for the Book Recommendations section?
Book Recommendations must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • Been read by me and enjoyed by me. These are after all my recommendations.
  • Come highly recommended by one of several close friends whose opinions I’ve learned to trust over the years
  • If self-published (and not yet read by me or said friends), received a favorable review from one of the following sources:
    Publisher’s Weekly or one of their divisions (PW Select, BookLife)
    Indie Reader
  • Have a 4 star rating on Amazon.com with a majority of the positive reviews coming from verified purchasers.

Have you read all the Book Recommendations?
I’ve read probably half the recommendations, but I haven’t read them all.

Why not?
Frankly, I don’t have the time. I’m very busy. My mornings are spent writing. My afternoons are sometimes spent doing research for my writing or working on this site. I’m one of the organizers for a writing group. I have family obligations, etc.. Let’s put it this way, have you ever taken a look at your Netflix list. I bet you have a ton of TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. that you want to watch and just don’t have the time for. That’s how it is sometimes for me and reading books.

Why are the Book Recommendations titled Book Recommendations if you’re also highlighting novellas and graphic novels?
Because Book/Novella/and Graphic Novels Recommendations is kind of an annoying mouthful.

Why does Chromatic Worlds give the publisher’s summary in the Book Recommendations instead of giving a review?
Again, I don’t have the time. Doing reviews would require me to read all the books, graphic novels, and novellas. Besides there are plenty of reviews already out there. Maybe someday this site will offer reviews. Not now. Right now this site is brand spanking new, and I don’t have the income necessary to hire book reviewers.

Will Chromatic Worlds offer any original content?
Yes, look out for the Did You Know? section every forth Monday of the Month and the Bonus section when there’s a fifth Monday.

I also hope to provide short stories in a year or two on Wednesdays. Right now, this website is a baby website. I don’t have the resources to pay writers or staff. Also, as a writer myself, I feel very strongly that people who put in work ought to get paid.