About Chromatic Worlds

Chromatic Worlds
Chromatic Worlds is the brainchild of Susan Tsui and a close friend. This site is meant to be a resource for readers wishing to read SF&F books, graphic novels, and novellas written by under-represented authors and/or featuring under-represented characters. Who qualifies as underrepresented? Since this site resides in the United States, under-represented means people who would qualify as ethnic minorities in the US, those who belong to the LGBT community, and people who could be classified as disabled.

Book Recommendations
Book Recommendations will highlight suggested SF&F books, graphic novels, and novellas for readers enjoyment. Some of these books will be self-published. Some will be from small indie presses, and some will have been traditionally published. Some of the books will feature white authors writing about African Americans or Asians, etc.. Some will feature a disabled author writing about someone who is not disabled. Some recommendations will feature an Asian woman writing about a white man and so on. The point is all the stories will come highly recommended by me, well-regarded reviewers, or Amazon.com verified purchasers who collectively believe a book is worth four stars or more. That does not mean one or two Amazon.com reviews that have four stars submitted by someone’s friend.

Writers On Writing
A lot of readers are also writers, or they are interested in the writers who create the works they read. A Writers On Writing section in Chromatic Worlds therefore seemed appropriate. Writers On Writing will provide links to interviews writers have given, essays or books writers have written about writing, and just interesting things about specific writers. These writers must either be considered under-represented in the world of Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, or Fantasy or have written stories featuring under-represented characters as a main character in the past. I’m sure you’re sensing a running theme here by now.

Did You Know?
Ever heard of all the fantasy novels inspired by King Arthur or the monster stories inspired by Frankenstein? Did you know the “red wedding” in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series was partially based on a true event in Scottish history. A great deal of SF&F is inspired by mythology or actual history. This section will focus on exploring those sources of inspirations.

Extras and Bonuses
Occasionally Chromatic Worlds will feature blog posts written by the site runner or others who feel they have something important to say that is related to this website and the purpose of the site. Extras will show up only whenever there is a fifth Monday in the month.

The Banner
The banner image for this website features an Aurora Borealis taken by a camera in outer space. The image is public domain, and the image credit belongs to NASA. The image is not meant in any way to suggest endorsement by NASA of this website, its contents, or any of the contributors. The image is just a picture that I personally thought was really cool. Thank you NASA for providing this image and making it free for use.

Susan Tsui
Susan Tsui grew up in New York City, the third of four children born to Chinese immigrant parents, and the first to be born in the United States. She currently holds a BA in Psychology from Bard College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. During Susan Tsui’s writing career she has published short stories in Expanded Horizons, Mind Flights, and the third annual Warrior WiseWomen anthology.  She has also self-published a novel that earned a 2012 Kirkus Star and was placed on the Kirkus Indie Best of 2012 list. The novel’s title is You Shouldn’t Call Me Mommy. Susan Tsui is currently working on her Allison Stone series. To learn more about Susan Tsui or her works, check out her website at susantsui.com.

Posting Schedule
1st Monday of the Month: Book Recommendations
2nd Monday of the Month: Writers On Writing
3rd Monday of the Month: Book Recommendations
4th Monday of the Month: Did You Know?
5th Monday of the Month (Should it exist): Extras and Bonuses

The site is currently in the process of being created, but I promise we’ll have a lot to look at soon.  So keep Chromatic Worlds in mind.